Photo by Studio McGee

Finally, the 7th good reason for why hiring an interior designer can save you money.

A well established designer should have a good team built of several good options for finding contractors and subs.  Trying to find a contractor that will remove a wall for you, being aware of which walls are load bearing and which are not, can be challenging for a client that isn’t familiar with the field.  It is helpful to have a variety of options that are reliable, good resources.

The same goes for subcontractors.  Carpet layers, tile-setters, electricians, painters, plumbers and flooring subs can be difficult to find, especially during the warmer months when building and remodeling is at its peak.  How do you really know how talented, experienced or honest a subcontractor is?  Many interior designers will have a good list of subs that they have worked with, know their work ethic well and highly recommend.  Just the savings in time and headaches is worth it to have such recommendations that are qualified.

Last of all, when is a permit needed and when is it not?  How do you pull a permit, etc.?  These are all questions a good designer should be able to answer for you.  Rules and regulations in a city are abundant in this day and age —- so please make sure you’ve got your back covered.

Hopefully, these 7 blogs on “Why Hiring An Interior Designer Can Help You Save Money”, have been helpful for you.