Photo & Design Credit: Bria Hammel Interiors


When it comes to balancing the amount of furniture with decor you must always start with the furniture.

Once the walls, floors and ceiling are finished…furniture should be decided. There are many things to consider including flow of traffic in the room, colors, fabrics, textures, woods and style. Remember to keep in mind your focal point of the room, whether it be the fireplace, television or gorgeous window view of the landscape and then go from there.

After the furniture has been set in place you can then begin to consider decor. In my experience, I usually see people overdo the amount of decor and the room becomes messy looking. Really, not much should be needed for decor unless you have lots of open shelving to fill up. I always encourage people to keep it very simple.

Using different sizes, colors and texture of items can help to balance the room out well. Many designers call this the “styling” stage. Some have a real knack for it along with lots of experience, but unless you’re a designer you might need a little help with this step. The type and right amount of decor can make or break a room. There is definitely a balance as you can see in the photos above.

Finally, did you know that designers get discounts on decorative items? YES!! And there is a lot more available to them then what the stores carry. Watch for the next post!!